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Rent Luster (2002)

Justin Herwick, B. Wyatt, Shane Powers et al.
Everett Lewis
Comedy Drama, Romantic Dramas, Romantic Comedies et al.
"I lie in bed, post drug sex. It stops whatever I am trying to write. It's great to restate this!" Street poet Jackson opens his eyes to a sea of bodies. The naked-cowboy-junkie shooting up in the bathroom confirms that last night was another orgy of fun. However, for Jackson, the weekend has only begun! Clean-cut Derek declares that he loved Jackson from the moment he saw him. Jackson doesn't believe in love at first sight! Sam, Jackson's best friend, also loves Jackson - the problem is he's straight. Jackson thinks he's in love with Billy, who he met at the orgy. Then Jackson's sexy cousin Jed turns up unannounced. Now Jackson's dilemma is: is it incest to f**k your cousin? Set in a world within the universe that is LA, inhabited by wacky artists, cute alternative boys, rock stars with twisted sexual habits and throbbing to a kick-ass soundtrack featuring Pansy Division, Luster is a wildly entertaining, gritty, charming weekend adventure of fun, lust, sex, tragedy and maybe even love. more
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DVD details

BBFC Classification:
Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over

Special features

  • Everett on Film
  • Director's Statement
  • Director/Producer Commentary
  • Original Trailer
  • Hidden Photo Gallery
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