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Very clever parable

(Edit) 05/06/2021

A very clever and interesting parable about how society's focus on bogeymen and scapegoats enables the most heinous crimes  by those who are seen as members of the club.

While the majority of the town persecutes the new black family in town, one of the upstanding establishment figures indulges in murder, insurance fraud, deception, child abuse and adultery. His real crimes are ignored while society pick on 'the other'. In this movie the 'outsiders' (and therefore outcast) are black, but they could easily have been Irish, Jewish, Gypsies, Italians … take your pick. As long as we're not focusing on our own failings, it's all good.

 I should imagine the Fifties setting is a nod to the hypocrisy of US history - the Fifties in the US is seen as a golden age  for many. For some I suspect it was anything but.  Everything  from alien invasions to reds under the bed (as well as rampant racism) were useful diversions from reality. A golden age where children were happy and stable and not obese, but who presumably did not pass on the benefits to their own children because now apparently all children are unhappy ( it's all the fault of the liberal/left wing/politically correct of course - nothing to do with 'us'). The blame for society's ills is always with 'them', not 'us'.

 *** spoiler ****

The final scenes of the movie encapsulates the message - while the good citizens are busy setting fire to the black family's car, the good old family man is planning to murder his child. The town doesn't notice. Even when it does, the blame is shifted as always to …. you guessed it.

 A beautifully drawn and intelligent movie but sadly not for everyone.

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Time Traveller

Fails as a romance and as sci-fi

(Edit) 12/11/2017

This movie is a mess.

The script is confusing and nonsensical, the acting is poor.

It's variously described as 'science fiction' and 'historical romance', but it fails at both.

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