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Wonder Woman 1984

What did I just watch?

(Edit) 27/04/2021

I watched this film with no expectations. The first one was quite good. This however, was a poor mash-up that just did not seem to work.

I liked the 1984 concept, you get taken back to the 80's era of vibrant colours, big shoulders and even bigger hair.

The story is reasonable too. A little far fetched but considering all the others anomalies in the recent super hero films you go with it

The acting is shocking, so wooden (with the exception of young Diana). The most interesting character is recently famous for wearing a helmet on Disney +.

The flying scenes are cringe worthy.

The action scenes involve WW lunging in that general direction. WW gains new super powers at the specific moment that she needs them. Suddenly she can turn an entire plane invisible??

Towards the end of the film I did get a little nostalgic towards 'Thunder Cats' for some reason

One to avoid

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