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James Bond: The Living Daylights

Great return to form for the Bond franchise.

(Edit) 06/02/2017

Reading the books, Dalton explores the more human aspect of James Bond. He goes beyond the superficial. He is not copying what was done before, but, going back to the source of the novels. In the books you get a better idea of Bond's internal dialogue and his moments of doubt.

Amazing how Craig gets credit for what Dalton explored first. Dalton gave us a fresh look on an old character and gave the old dog new tricks.

The film is very enjoyable and the opening sequence is brilliant. Also we are all introduced to the fact that Bond is an assassin in the sniper scene. Very well acted by Dalton.

A shame Dalton only did two films. He is a credit to the series. Connery and Dalton are my favourite Bonds. Though Moore and Brosnan were great too.

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