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A Mighty Heart

A Dull Heart?

(Edit) 28/01/2009

Why is this movie called A Mighty Heart? Which character supposedly has/had a mighty heart? Why is the beheading of Daniel Pearl so much more newsworthy than the beheadings of countless other innocent victims over the past few years. This was a boring movie about a decent enough but unremarkable and essentially boring man who, in part through his own stupidity, is kidnapped and murdered.

It is incredible that such a gory story could also be tedious and boring - but it is. Mariane and Daniel Pearl are not interesting. The ONLY interesting thing about this couple is the fact Daniel got murdered. This is not enough to sustain a movie.

Angelina Jolie's curly wig and awful French/Spanish/American accent make you keep wondering whether this feature is comedy or drama!

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