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Breaking Bad: Series 5: Part 1

Breaking Bad.....If you like to be surprised!

(Edit) 26/03/2020

What can I say about this series that probably hasn't been said before. It has an excellent cast and an very creative writer with a very vivid imagination. A brilliant Casting Director who had the foresight to cast the actors knowing somehow that they would metamorph perfectly into the characters they play. Wonderful production team too! It is so full of tension and such amazing surprises as to what is going to happen next that it sometimes takes my breath away and I stare at the screen open-mouthed!!But also at the same time it becomes so farcical and really funny that I laugh out loud at the situation. So for me it has everything, drama, suspense, surprise, wit as well as farce. Only thing I really dont like is the violence. All the Emmys that it has collected speak for themselves. Otherwise if you get a chance to watch wont be sorry!

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