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Song to Song

Worth sticking with

(Edit) 28/11/2017

I absolutely loved this film by the end of it though didn't expect to at all as i hated The Tree Of Life but was keen to see it because of the stellar cast, aswell as cameos from the likes of Patti Smith and Iggy Pop. The narrative is non-linear and apparently all improvised (no script) and the notion of plot is thrown out of the window (though there is sort-of one). It is beautifully shot and very dream-like, reflecting the characters states of mind at various points. None of the characters were particularly likeable (Gosling the only one perhaps) but the point of the film wasn't to provide you with a cosy foursome and a definiative who is with who, but demonstrates the messy and conflicting relationships we have no just with other people but with ourselves. Not an easy watch as it needs concentration and patience and i totally get why people hated it, but i'm glad i stuck with it.

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