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Formulaic, but watchable

(Edit) 06/06/2009

No surprises here - it's all been done before, but the saving grace to this film is that you are never quite sure who the "bad guys" are and there is a twist ending which couldn't really be guessed. The plot is familiar - relatively attractive American teens picked up by nutter, but from then on the various other participants all take a turn in being mangled or implemented in the kidnapping that is unfolding. There are some genuinely suspenseful moments, but some equally "Why didn't you shoot him??!!" moments which create serious frustration and remote control-hurling. It is also a little over-long and I am not sure that the main protagonists are convincing enough. Perhaps a better known cast would have lent more credibility to the execution of the script and the plot, but this is still a fairly entertaining couple of hour's worth of stock US teen suspense.

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