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Hellsing Ultimate: Collection 1


(Edit) 11/12/2008

I have seen the hellsing OVA series in japanese language with english subtitles. Yep, you guessed it... There's Blood, gore, vampires and the good old united kingdom! Plus in this series of hellsing there is a greater presence of humor, which was lacking in the original series and you will find the fight scenes far more intense. For those that have not seen the original series, you are probably at an advantage as SHOULD watch the OVA first. When you have finished watching the OVA series, you will probably be at a loss and be driven to watch the original mainly to get some closure as it does end rather abruptly unfortunately. I was really looking forward to seeing it mostly because of the hype, and this time the hype was good. Definitely worth watching, but please keep in mind, this may be a "cartoon" but it is pure horror!

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