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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

An unnecessary film.

(Edit) 21/07/2020

Twin Peaks was cancelled after season 2 and it ended with a cliff hanger, therefore I was expecting this film to tie up the loose ends. Instead, it's a prequel to the TV series, showing us how Laura Palmer died and who was involved. The first one and a half seasons of Twin Peaks were all about unravelling the mystery of Laura Palmer's death, so this film has no surprises.

With that said, this is a perfectly watchable film with plenty of Lynchisms that fans of Lynch will enjoy. It's a shame Lara Flynn Boyle didn't reprise her role as Donna Hayward, but the replacement actress did a great job (as did the other actors). I would recommend this film if you want to see how Laura Palmer lost her life rather than by just unravelling the mystery through watching the series.

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