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Henning Wehn: Westphalia Is Not an Option

Gets better and better

(Edit) 31/01/2019

I watched this before Ein Zwei DIY, and I wished that I'd watched the other first as it was in my opinion, weaker, only focusing on safe subjects, in my opinion.

His material in this later act is both more edgy and polished. I wasn't expecting much given the venue, but in fact it's one's own reaction to comedy that's important, and not what other people find amusing.

Given that it's post referendum, it has a fair share of Brexit- inspired material leading inevitably to the thorny subject of immigrants and our reactions to them and of course, colour.

He walks that awkward tightrope well, ending up making us question our own beliefs/prejudices.

For an act that comes across as a mate telling a story down the pub, it's deceptively clever.

Of the two DVD's I would say this is a 4 star and the other just scrapes in a 3

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