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Goodbye Christopher Robin

Throughly enjoyed it

(Edit) 25/07/2018

I found this film very moving and interesting. I have loved the Pooh books all my life, and although I knew something about the tortured relationship between AA Milne and his son, the film encouraged me to find out more.

In general, I thought it was very well acted and very powerful. However, the mother figure was not entirely convincing. In real life, she was not a raving beauty. There is much more to tell about the story, as the film skims over much of it. For example Christopher did not speak to his parents after the war, except to communicate by letter. After his father died, he did not speak to his mother for the rest of her life... 15 years. He accused his parents of being cold and said his father did not like children. It's a very sad story and photos of him as a child show a lonely sad figure.

I would really recommend this film, i found it very powerful.

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