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Pink Narcissus

If you're going to watch it, then watch with an open mind

(Edit) 18/05/2011

To some, this is a great artistic film whilst to others it may seem like suggestive, soft core porn.

It explores the deep fantasies of a young male prostitute in a clever way and yet, whilst it shows several scenes of nudity and occasional suggestive scenes of sexual arousal, it shows it in a tasteful, if provocative way.

Some scenes may make you embarassed or uncomfortable but that is fine. The important think is to look around all of these scenes and understand the message behind them. There is so much to take in in this film, and it has been described as having layers, every time you see it, you will discover something new.

These are the deep sexual fanasies and hopes of a homosexual boy, and so it can be quite easy to take offence or even scold this film for good because of the openess expressed and shown. However, if you can look at this film with an open set of eyes, it is perfectly possible to appreciate the beauty within it.

The creator, James Bidgood, stated that he wanted to create "a beautiful film." In my opinion, he has succeeded.

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