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Band of Brothers

A landmark piece of television

(Edit) 10/06/2009

One of the most beautifully filmed and well put together television shows and one of the best war dramas I've ever seen. It introduces you to an ensemble cast, most of whom have done small to medium time drama in the UK or the US, and you follow the men through training, D-Day and right up to the end of the war. The casting is generally excellent and the lead, Damian Lewis, is someone you'll find an affinity with from the start.

The action sequences are absolutely spectacular and on are at least on a par with any second world war film I've seen. The action is quite visceral at times and some episodes may not be for the squeamish. Most of all the emotional content is superb and by the end you really feel the bond between all the characters and all the events they've been through together.

The Blu-Ray quality is excellent save for some grainy moments in the last episode and the special features mainly involve commentaries from the veterans involved, which can be quite heart-wrenching to watch at times.

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