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Postage and Delivery

  • Upon the successful completion of the online registration, the first disc will be dispatched on the same or next business day depending on the time of day you subscribed. After that, every time we receive a disc back, we will send you the next available disc from your list. It then depends on the Royal Mail delivery schedule.

    Most of our customers receive them the day after we have sent them.

  • Every time you send a disc back, we will send you another one from your list. In case of subscriptions where 2 or more discs are allowed to be sent at the same time, there is no need to return all discs back as we will replace just what we get back. Delivery time depends on the Royal Mail delivery schedule.

  • We aim to dispatch each disc within one business day of receiving one back. Sometimes this is not possible, due to supplier delays or other reasons. Please check again at the end of the day after we received your disc back and, if there is still no sign of your disc, please notify us.

  • It may be that this is due to delays in the Royal Mail. Please allow 5 business days for the mail to arrive. If it has still not shown up, it is possible that it is lost in the post.

  • We understand that there may be occasions when a disc gets lost in transit. In such an event please let us know by clicking the Report Problem on the My List page.

    If after 5 business days you don't receive the disc(s) we posted to you, please visit the Report Problem page and select the 'I have not received disc' link.

    Similarly if you have posted a disc back to us and we haven't received it, visit the Report Problem page, select 'I have returned a disc but you have not received it'.

    Please note: We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your subscription if the service to your area proves consistently unreliable.

  • In such an instance please place the disc along with its protective casing into a well-cushioned envelope and send it back to us or request an envelope to be sent to you via Report Problem

    Please Note: it is your responsibility to pay for the appropriate postage costs and make sure that the disc is adequately packaged for transit.

  • Please put some alternative packaging around the disc. We recommend cotton wool or bubble wrap.

    Please make sure the packaging you use is very lightweight and that you have included a piece of paper with your name and e-mail address so we can identify where the disc came from, then send it to our address.

    Please note: Cinema Paradiso reserves the right to charge for any loss or damage occurring in transit.

  • Please follow the link Report Problem and choose option I have lost the disc.

  • No. We have a fixed monthly subscription fee that allows you to keep up to 5 discs for as long as you want, or swap them for other discs.