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The arrival of the world wide web has no doubt revolutionised how things work. Before, folks would go to their local DVD film rentals shop but now, more and more TV buffs and movie lovers are turning to film rental online services every day. Unlike online film rentals, we post your movies to you, you send them back to us when you’re done then we’ll post another title from your list.

Film Rental Online vs Bricks-and-Mortar Video Shops

So, why have so many customers opted for film rentals online over local, bricks-and-mortar video shops? Check out some of the reasons why below.

A Low Monthly Set Fee

When you plump for DVD film rentals, you’ll pay a low, set fee every month. When you belong to a local video shop, you can never be sure how many movies you’ll rent in a month, not to mention forgetting to return one and pay a late charge. Your entertainment budget will constantly be in flux.

Save Money with Film Rental by Post

Unlike driving to the DVD shop to pick up or a return a movie, film rental services will cover the shipping costs for you, both ways. What’s more, you’ll save money on late fees, since you never have to pay them. Even better, especially for movie enthusiasts who watch gazillions of DVDs a month, the cost per film will be significantly lower than renting at the shop.

Save Time

Using a bricks-and-mortar film shops for your movie and TV series rentals requires no small expenditure of time. Not only do you have to drive (or fight) your way through traffic all the way to the shop, you then have to peruse through all the movies, title-by-title until you find the film you were looking for. Rent a film online, and you’ll only have to build your queue. Finding your desired title is a piece of cake, thanks to being able to type them into the website’s search engine. Add them to your list in seconds with a mere click of the mouse. They’ll then be posted to you asap.

A Wide Range of Titles at Your Fingertips

With access to over 100,000 different titles, you have a whole choice of genres at your fingertips – from children & family to comedy. The choice really is yours.

Expand Upon Your Movie and TV Viewing Choices

Online film rental services make it possible for you to enhance your overall entertainment experience in a convenient and fun way. You’ll be able to make recommendations, read a useful range of customer and critical reviews, rate movies and even receive recommendations based on your rating and genre preferences.

With the right equipment, you can create a cinema-style experience at home and that's why we're advocates of 4K Blu-ray - the best quality entertainment.

Rent films as part of our Free Trial offer from our extensive library of over 100,000 titles for free. Explore our rental library by browsing through the genres on the side and if you find something you would like to watch from our films library sign up today and we will rush them to you by post.