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Welcome to our sports and sport films page at Cinema Paradiso. Here is a summary of the sports and sport films we have available in our extensive catalogue of over 100,000 titles. To rent a title from sports and sport films category, you can take up our no obligation free trial offer today. Simply add your required sports film to your rental queue, along with other titles you would like to watch, and we will post them to you with our next dispatch.

Inspirational Sports Films

Sports films are particularly special for their inspiring storylines and very often feature a successful hero or sports team that can inspire success and achievement, often involving a hardship that needs to be overcome.

Sports movies have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, originating from when even silent films were around. Cinema Paradiso have an extensive range of inspirational sport films, from films based in the 70s, like I Believe in Miracles (2015), arguably one of the best football films ever made and telling the remarkable story of the European Cup-winning team in 1979 and 1980, to the more up-to-date scenes of Creed, a sequel to the famous and hugely popular Rocky boxing film series.

You can search the choices of sports and sports films from Cinema Paradiso, by using the sports film subgenres filter. Our subgenres include sports documentaries, sports comedy and sports drama, as well as different types of sports.

You’ll find a film that suits your interests whether you’re into golf, rugby, tennis, martial arts and wrestling, cricket, boxing, motor and motorcycle sport, general sport and more.

Best Sports Movies of all Time

Our selection of sports films includes sports movies based on true stories, inspirational basketball movies, inspirational soccer movies and some of the best Hollywood Sports Movies of all time.

Perhaps you’ll opt for the truly inspiring Senna (2010), based on the true story of Brazilian motor-racing legend, Ayrton Senna, following his Formula One career and perhaps confirming him as the greatest driver that ever lived. Or you may prefer the sports documentary British Superbike: Championship Season Review, definitely worth a watch if you are into that on-the-edge of your seat type of bike racing.

You’ll also find sports films in our collection that combine adventure and drama, including the up-and-downs involved in The Art of Flight, following the iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and his friends on their whirlwind mountain experiences. Think jaw-dropping new tricks, friendships and successes, as well as avalanches, accidents and a few wrong turns.

And, of course, we couldn’t mention sports and sports films without mentioning the immensely popular Miracle (2004) that inspires viewers of all ages and shows that success in sport truly is possible. Miracle tells the heart-warming and motivating true story behind the 1980 United States ice hockey team's triumphant Olympic victory against the Soviet Union, undoubtedly one of the greatest moments in sporting history.

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