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Alternative to LoveFilm? Cinema Paradiso offering free trials

Following the end of Amazon’s DVD rental-by-post service, many film buffs have been scouring the internet far and wide in an attempt to find an alternative to LoveFilm.

At Cinema Paradiso, we are an independent company with a passion for film, and we are pleased to say we’ll continue to offer DVD & Blu-ray rental through post subscription. In addition to our catalogue of 100,000 titles that has been built over 15 years, we stock new releases on a weekly basis, be it the latest Hollywood Blockbuster or a re-released classics. With our free trial offer it has never been easier to see what all the fuss is about!

Cinema Paradiso vs LoveFilm

At Cinema Paradiso, we are movie buffs ourselves, first and foremost.

Our company was founded on our love of not only watching films, but doing so in a way that provides a full experience. The range of titles on offer is essential for every film buff; we pride ourselves on our extensive World Cinema catalogue, from Hollywood to Bollywood to Nollywood, Argentina to Vietnam, Tajikistan to Mongolia. Be it classics, new releases or the latest TV Series, we tend to include everything that is available for rental in the UK. We are also determined to stock all films & TV Series in different format where possible, so in addition to DVD, the majority of latest films and TV Series are released on Blu-ray and some of them in 3D and 4K Ultra HD.

For those who are serious about watching and enjoying films, investing in a home cinema is a natural step. While streaming may be very convenient to consume on such devices, nothing beats the quality of entertainment delivered on Blu-ray or 4K. The picture is crisp and in real high definition and the sound is crystal clear. In addition, you get to watch special extras and director commentary, which we love to bits. One of our customers says:

"That element of surprise and excitement when the envelope arrives at my doormat is unmatchable. I know it will be a film I have chosen but I do not know which one."

We appreciate that not everyone lives in an area that has powerful or fast enough connection to support streaming, which is why Blu Ray and DVD remain so important. There’s also the issue of quality when on screen, and the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind without having to worry about bothersome buffering interrupting your screening.

We know that streaming isn’t for everyone, and that film lovers seldom have the space to build a collection of all their favourites at home. At Cinema Paradiso , we still provide post rental for DVD and Blu Ray titles, giving lovers of traditional film media formats access to a similar service to that of LoveFilm. We are excited to be one of the last providers of hard format digital media who still exist to cater to film buffs who wouldn't watch their films and TV Series any other way. Want to know more about what makes us a great alternative to LoveFilm? Click here to read our FAQS , or click here to discover our wide-ranging selection .

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