How it works

Whether for a family member, friend, colleague, or loved one, the film subscription service is perfect to keep everyone entertained.


Create your list of titles online choosing from over 100,000 titles


Receive discs first class directly to your door. FREE delivery


Keep each discs as long as you want.


Return a disc in a prepaid envelope to get a replacement


Subscription starts from £12.99 a month.

Create a list

When you sign up with Cinema Paradiso we ask you to create a 'Wish List' of titles you wish to watch. Then the next business day, we send you your chosen discs in accordance to the subscription level you have chosen. You can watch the discs as many times as you wish and keep them for as long as you please. No due dates no late charges. When you are done, post them back to us using the FREEPOST envelope provided. When we get the discs back we send you the next disc from your Wish List. You are free to add or remove titles to and from your Wish List; change the order in which you prefer to receive them; submit any comments you may have or reviews of any films you’ve watched.

How much does it cost?

We understand that viewing tendencies may vary from person to person; so we have broken down the subscription plans into the following levels.

Unlimited monthly rentals:

Unlimited monthly rentals levels are suitable for customers who prefer to always have something to watch without a worry about the monthly limit. Click question mark to learn more about each level.

How do I receive the rentals?

We post you the discs in a pre-paid envelope, which will normally arrive the next day. Using the FREEPOST envelope we provide you with you can return the discs to us free of charge. As soon as we receive the disc you’ve returned, we'll post you the next available disc from your Wish List. You need never pay for the posting of discs either way!

What are the benefits?

There are a many benefits Cinema Paradiso brings to you!

  • Free postage both ways

    Cinema Paradiso pays postage both ways.

  • Fast Delivery

    For majority of our customers it takes 1 business day to receive discs via Royal Mail first class.

  • No Due Dates - Ever!

    Providing you remain a full paying member of Cinema Paradiso, you can keep the discs as long as you like.

  • Large selection

    With our selection of over 100,000 titles you are bound to find something you'll love!

  • Foreign Titles galore

    We have the most comprehensive selection of World Cinema so enjoy the films from Argentina to Vietnam!

  • Powerful Search

    Find that film you just can’t remember the name of!

  • The Community

    The Cinema Paradiso community is friendly, with users recommending and rating films. You will get to know what people love to watch and you are free to offer your own opinions and thoughts on films.

Can I try it for FREE?

Sure you can. To do so, simply visit FREE Trial page and follow the instructions provided.

Can I cancel my membership once I've joined?

Yes you can. You are free to cancel any time. In case of free trial, to avoid being charged simply cancel your membership before the end of the free trial allowing enough time for the discs to reach us before the payment date.

How many discs can I rent each month?

Depends on how many you can watch! Our different packages enable you to choose how many discs you would like to receive each month so you can create your cinema paradise. If you felt like having a film-marathon month, return the rented discs the same day you got them (after watching them of course!) and we will post you the next title in your Wish List. You may find, however, that some titles are too good to be returned on the same day, so invite some friends round and order a pizza for another viewing!

Can I change my membership level?

Absolutely! You are never limited to a subscription level. Once you become a full paying member you may upgrade or downgrade at any time by logging into your Account.

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Subscription starts from £12.99 a month.