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Whether for a family member, friend, colleague, or loved one, the film subscription service is perfect to keep everyone entertained.


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Rent The Latest Blu-ray Films To Watch

We offer a wide range of the latest Blu-ray films and there are no extra charges. So sit back and start to enjoy the latest and greatest films in all of their high definition glory.

Just add the Blu-ray titles you want to watch to your rental list and they will be despatched to you when available within your monthly allocation.

To watch a Blu-ray movie you will need a suitable playing bearing the Blu-ray logo. The Playstation 3 offers Blu-ray playback and there are a wide selection of Blu Ray players from various makers.

The high definition battle is over with Blu-ray being the winner.

The two high definition formats were HD DVD and Blu-ray and it would appear that the format wars have been one by Blu-ray. There is an ever growing range of titles available from all of the major studios. Many older films are being remastered so you can enjoy them in high definition.

If you have a standard CRT television then you probably not notice the improved picture quality. It is not just a higher definition picture but there are also enhanced soundtracks on offer from Blu-ray. To fully enjoy the full benefits of high definition playback you need a minimum of a 5.1 surround system and a Television capable of accepting a 720p, 1080i or preferably a 1080p picture.

Many are sceptical until they watch a Blu-ray movie. The added sharpness really shows up the imperfections in the DVD rendering process and it is dificult to go back to DVD's.

The advancements in Blu-ray allow easy menu controls with menus popping up on request over the currently playing movie. Some titles include games and extra interactive features ensuring that a Blu-ray disk offers much more than just a better movie watching experience.

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Subscription starts from £12.99 a month.