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There really is something special about taking the time to watch a special interest film. Whatever topic you have taken an interest in, we’ve got a film to suit you in our extensive collection of rental DVDs. Why not rent a film that educates you a bit more about Planet Earth alongside the other films you have rented? Or discover more about out-of-space? We’ve even got special interests movies that give you the opportunity to follow a Bollywood dance regime in your own home!

What are Special Interest Movies

Special interest movies are unique movies that stray away from the typical Hollywood Blockbusters and often tap in to our personal hobbies and interests.

While many films capture vast audiences, special interest movies tend to take the attention of more niche groups of spectators.

Special interest movies often feature unusual themes and can be knowledge-sharing, fun, captivating and, true to, or far away from real life.

Special Movies List

Our special interest films feature a range of unique movies that are suitable for a range of interests. From family-friendly movies like Snow Chick: A Penguin's Tale, an enchanting story of a young penguin’s first few months of growing up, to the documentary film Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough, featuring fascinating views and facts about marine life, you’ll find a film that captures your attention no matter what your special interest in our special movies list.

Perhaps you’ll take an interest in Life on Earth: The Complete Series and discover the greatest story on earth, the development of life on this planet over three and a half billion years. The film took over 3 years to make and shares a vast expanse of knowledge and fascinating sights about and around planet Earth.

Our special interest movies also share out-of-this-world experiences. For All Mankind is a special interest film for sci-fi fans, and also for those who take an interest in the Apollo lunar missions. The true-to-life and remarkable, documentary-style movie covers the Apollo lunar missions from 1968 to 1972. Ultimately, astronauts onboard the spacecraft were given cameras to record anything and everything they could, in space, in orbit, and on the surface of the moon itself.

From Earth to Space to oceans, perhaps you’ll opt to delve into Shark, a film that encourages you to discover the beauty in the beast. Follow the most successful group of predators in the earth's history and find out more about over thirty different species of sharks. Or, you may opt for National Geographic: Great Migrations, following millions of species of animals taking amazing journeys to ensure their survival.

You can even have a go at Bollyrobics! Rent Bollyrobics: Dance Workout and put yourself through your paces with energetic dance moves from Bollywood's biggest hits. Test your strength, stamina and co-ordination from the comfort of your own home.

Explore our Movies for Special Interests

Browse our range of special and interesting movies below. Appealing to many different people, our special interest films are guaranteed to inform, inspire and entertain.

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