About CinemaParadiso.co.uk - Online DVD and Blu-ray rental company

Over 20 years in business

We appreciate your candid questions and we're very happy to let you know that we are a long established independent British company. We're very proud of our British roots and we most certainly pay all our UK taxes!

When you were a kid did you ever want to be Indiana Jones or maybe James Bond? Did you ever wish that you could be transported into Dr. Emmett Brown’s time machine or that you could dance with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? So you watched these films again and again, bought them on tape then on DVD…but your love for film didn’t stop there…you were down at the video shop all the time trying to figure out what you hadn’t seen and what you’d like to watch again…

If you did any of the above then you’ll understand how Cinema Paradiso came about. We love films as much as you do. We like watching them over and over again and we are very passionate about making your film watching experience as enjoyable as possible.

CinemaParadiso.co.uk is an independent online DVD and Blu-ray rental service established in early 2003 with an expanding library of over 100,000 titles and still growing. We stock pretty much all the titles released in the UK that are available for rental.

Our easy to use website puts you in charge. You can search through our catalogue and find that film you love or the one you never quite got around to watching that everyone’s recommended to you. We also pride ourselves on our extensive World Cinema catalogue; from Hollywood to Bollywood, Argentina to Vietnam, Tajikistan to Mongolia you can enjoy all the films from all over the world and create your own cinema paradise.

But in creating this film haven we wanted you to get the best of both worlds – a hassle free, fast freepost delivery of DVDs & Blu-rays as well as great value for money.

What our customers think……

After trials of famous sites offering a limited diet of 4,000 films (!Four thousand?) few which appeal, it's exciting to find this one where films are, the business. Such an easy and clear layout too. Feel I might have struck lucky.Chris from Winchester, March 2015

Excellent service, absolutely loved everything about it, the website, delivery, quality of the discs was flawless ... Garry form Birmingham, August 2014

Your rental service is the best I have used and the range of films the widest, particularly in terms of world cinema or films made in other countries besides USA or UK. .... Thanks for such and great service. :-)) ... Jeff from Dingwall

... i would like to say that your service is second-to-none, highly efficient, reliable and i will be recommending it to anyone. Thank you for great service and many hours of viewing ... Simon, Dagenham

I am so happy to join. I was member of a similar film rental site, but not very happy with it. I love your website, it's very clear and easy to find ant I really love the fact that you have put your films on categories, not to say how happy you make me that you've got foreign films. Love you! Mihaela, Cambridge

We have used many DVD rental companies over the years and found that they were terrible. Cinema Paradiso was a breath of fresh air; you did what you said you would do and all was fine. ... Many thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards, Tony ...

Cinema paradise is exciting, new and fresh. A concept that truly caters for all film lovers. Keep up the good work!

This is so exciting and suits every budget! Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to watch as many films as I want without going bankrupt. Thanks!!!

I’m currently learning Russian and it’s so difficult to get Russian films to watch and improve my language but thanks to your Russian selection it’s easy. Nice one!