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The best Boxing film since Rocky?

(Edit) 12/09/2017

Johnny Harris and Thomas Napper have, in my humble opinion, created the best film focusing on the world of boxing since Rocky. I am not a boxer or am I particularly drawn to the genre but having seen Johnny's incredibly nuanced work in other film and television performances I was compelled to watch Jawbone. His portrayal of a tortured former junior champion, battling loss, booze and and an ability to control his inner rage is, in equal measure, both heartbreaking and inspiring. Backed by a cast of Great British talent, Michael Smiley in particular, and Ray Winstone ( whom I can only assume are in his speed-dial) this is a film that the likes of Southpaw set out to be but only suffer by comparison. A hard hitting, beautifully acted drama and I challenge, even the hardest of men, to keep a dry eye. If BAFTA doesn't give it a nod then shame on them.

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