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The Lost City of Gold

Lost city of gold review by A.Lotus.Ent 4****star

(Edit) 26/08/2018

Great cinematography and epic story!

This movie has the feel of a big budget blockbuster production like "Tomb raider'or "The Mission ) and has a Great cast of characters that gives the film a presence like an epic classic adventure movie of the ages.

I enjoyed the abstract visuals and the film also has some great storyboard animation sequences that are cool.

There are some plot twist turns that i thought very interesting along with mystical dramatic moments that keep you guessing in the dark.

The lost city of gold really starts take off near the end of the film and leaves you wanting more!....Hopefully a sequel to this epic film can take advantage of this and launch the next adventure into 5th gear with a slightly bigger budget.

Over all the film is a new classic and takes you on a wild adventure!

"Into the lost city of gold a.k.a El Dorado" I give it four stars!

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