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Good cast, terrible movie

(Edit) 04/06/2021

I really wanted to enjoy this film. I like Bruce Willis and have never not enjoyed one of his movies in some way. This one's the exception. It's a dog. The whole thing reeked of super low cost production values. The sets and the effects were from 1970s. The performances had no nuance or subtlety whatsoever. Everyone seemed to only have two facial expressions. Really mad and really scared. The story was so thin I was afraid it would suddenly snap like a worn piece of string. The one chance this film had of redemption was when the 'final' creature made its appearance. Wow! I know it was meant to be scary, but it looked like an angry lounge chair on wheels.

This one doesn't even fit the bill as a covid viewing of last resort. I would give Anti-Life a wide berth if I were you. 

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