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Collateral Beauty

Exposition, exposition. Then more exposition.

(Edit) 14/11/2017

One of the golden rules of scripwriting is "show, don't tell".

In this film the cast spend most of their time telling us what happened. That's why it's soooooo boring.

Helen Mirren steals the show as "death". Will Smith blubs a lot. Kate Winslet blubs a lot. Keira Knightley manages to look very plain. I never noticed before how her mouth hangs open, so often.

The concept is quite good. Sad man is confronted by actors playing life forces. If only they'd kept things mysterious, maybe started off with weird things happening through Will's eyes, then kept us guessing as to what was going on instead of droning on about this happened, that happened, so let's make this happen.

There's a slight twist at the end. It's not particularly exciting.

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