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Strangely unsatisfying

(Edit) 12/01/2017

Many professional reviewers have scored this film very highly, and, indeed, it was the Guardian's number 1 film of 2016. Certainly, the film demonstrates astonishing technical animation, and is a highly original method of conveying a story of alienation and depression of the main character. The use of animated characters was a graphic and effective way of conveying the manner in which contemporary life can lead to such issues.

However, I found the film strangely disengaging. The format inhibits real involvement with the characters themselves, and I cared very little what happened to them. The message was clear, but not new, and there was no particularly interesting angle from which the film addressed the themes. Overall, I found the experience unsatisfying but at the same time in the week since I watched it I still think about it, so maybe it has more impact than I first thought!

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