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Roeg film, but extraordinary DVD transfer

(Edit) 16/01/2020

Roeg films are always worth watching as he has a unique way of seeing things and this is reflected in his films unlike any other film maker.

I first saw this film while at college during its initial cinematic release, and remembered it fondly.

However, this DVD transfer is staggeringly bad, really bad, and it significantly detracts from the film. The quality (4:3) is a bit like its been shown on TV (in the 80s) and someone recorded it at home on their VHS, and then when DVDs started popping up they picked up a cheap DVD recorder then dialled down the quality and knocked off a very quick copy. Of course, I don't know how it was produced, I'm only commenting on what it looks like. If you borrow this DVD, you, like me, will be shocked at how bad it is.

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