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Many critics, comedians and TV fans have long considered 'Car 54, Where Are You' one of the most brilliant laugh out loud comedy series ever to appear on television. Creator Nat Hiken was already famous for his highly acclaimed Sgt Bilko show, and when the opportunity to do another TV series came up, he threw himself into the task writing, producing, casting and directing. The result is a hilarious masterpiece, rich with New York melting pot humor and characters in scripts that were polished jewels of lunacy. The show stars Joe E.
Ross as the bumbling Gunther Toody and Fred Gwynne as the cultured Francis Mul-doon with a supporting cast that includes Beatrice Pons as Toody's domineering shrew of a wife, Al Lewis as the irascible Officer Leo Schnauser, Charlotte Rae as Schnauser's moody hot-tempered wife, and Paul Reed as the perpetually exasperated Captain Block. In the second season many of the popular guest star characters from season one return - Molly Picon as Mrs. Bronson, Larry Storch as the hilarious Charlie the Drunk and Gene Baylos as Benny the Bookie. In addition, there are guest appearances by Sugar Ray Robinson, Shari Lewis, Mitch Miller, and more! Created at a time when a comedy genius like Nat Hiken could work unfettered by network demands for formulaic fare, 'Car 54, Where Are You' stands today as one of the greatest achievements in television comedy.
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Billy Friedberg, Nat Hiken
Voiced By:
Cecil Roy
Nat Hiken
Nat Hiken, Tony Webster, Terry Ryan, Billy Friedberg, Buddy Arnold, Gary Belkin, Ben Joelson, Art Baer, Robert Van Scoyk, Louis Solomon, Bob Howard, Max Wilk
TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Sitcoms
Release Date:
Run Time:
760 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 0 (All)
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
B & W
  • "Joe E. Ross' Stand Up Comedy Come Back Audition Film": Before 'Car 54, Where Are You', Joe E. Ross was known as one of the raunchiest comedians on the burlesque circuit. When the show ended after season two, he attempted to capitalize on his new found national fame by breaking into the legitimate night club circuit with the wholesome comedy routine presented here for the first time
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
1. Hail to the Chief
2. One Sleepy People
3. A Man Is Not An Ox
4. Schnauser's Last Ride
5. Toody and Muldoon Sing Along with Mitch
6. Occupancy, August First
7. Remember St. Petersburg
8. That's Show Business
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
9. Toody, Undercover
10. I Hate Captain Block
11. A Star Is Born in the Bronx
12. Pretzel Mary
13. 142 Tickets on the Aisle
14. Stop, Thief!
15. J' Adore Muldoon
16. The White Elephant
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following episodes:
17. Benny the Bookie's Last Chance
18. The Presidential Itch
19. Toody and Muldoon Meet the Russians
20. Here We Go Again
21. The Star Boarder
22. The Biggest Day of the Year
23. Here Comes Charlie
24. See You At the Bar Mitzvah
Disc 4:
This disc includes the following episodes:
25. I've Been Here Before
26. Joan Crawford Didn't Say No
27. Lucille Is Forty
28. The Loves of Sylvia Schnauser
29. The Puncher and Judy
30. The Curse of the Snitkins
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