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Evolution: Vol.1 (2001)

1h 28min
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When Ira and his team discover the amazing adaptability of the Genus in Glen Canyon, it's going to take brains, stealth and a really big weapon to save them this time.

Survival Pt. 1
Glen Canyon is once again ground zero for an outbreak of the Genus. Only this time, it's happening downtown at City Hall. Ira and his team discover the amazing adaptability of the Genus....a scientific discovery that almost cost them their lives. It's going to take stealth, brains and a really new, really big weapon to save their butts this time.
Survival Pt. 2
The Genus doesn't give up. With he heat turned up by Ira and the gang, the situation forces the Genus to evolve to survive. Only this time, it evolves a sentient, focused, intelligent being names Scopes. Sentient? Focused? Intelligent? CAn our group of heroes rise tot eh challenge? Stay tuned and find out.
Survival Pt. 3
The Genus has gone underground...deep underground in the sewer system of the fair city of Glen Canyon, Arizona. But its presence is soon felt when it erupts in a huge outbreak right in the town square. The Genus evolves into its third stage threatening to move on to the fourth stage. Of course, the fourth stage of Genus is extinction... ours.
Don't Drink The Water
While saving Glen Canyon from a giant Genus amoeba, Wayne accidentally washes the Genus cells into the city's water system where they quickly spread and multiply. Soon the inhabitants of Glen Canyon are being transformed into terrible Genus hybrids and it's down to Ira and the team to find someway of reversing the process...quickly.
Anchor Bay
Anime & Animation, Children & Family
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88 minutes
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Region 2

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