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Hazell (1978 - 1979)

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Hazell is a British drama series about a detective and the many investigations he finds himself investigating and the criminals he finds himself hunting. The series follows detective James Hazell (Nicholas Ball), a whip smart detective who uses his smarts as well as his friends to strop dangerous and illusive criminals from escaping justice. Hazell is intent on solving all his crimes as he is given cases that others have failed to crack as he tries to find the worst of the worst as well as some smaller catches that just need to be taught a lesson.
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June Roberts
Terry Venables, Gordon Williams, Tony Hoare, Richard Harris, P.B. Yuill, Peter Ransley, Trevor Preston
British TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Classics, TV Crimes, TV Dramas

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Cousin Tel's Jim Jim - Hazell review by AW

Spoiler Alert

Loved this series with Nicholas Ball as the cockney ex-cop turned private detective James "Jim" Hazell, created by Gordon Williams and ex footballer Terry Venables. There are 3 books by the pair.

Series 1 has been available for a while but Series 2 was never made available for ages.

FYI: Episode 1 was transmitted Jan 1978 and last episode transmitted January 1980.

Hazell's boss Dot Wilmington (the wonderful Barbara Young) is one tough cigarette smokin' cookie who runs an agency and rents him a room that he's constantly unable to pay for, so sends him out on jobs. He gets totally hassled by a By The Book Det. Inspector "Choc" Minty.

Celia Gregory as Vinnie Rae the lady enforcer with 2 dobermans provides glamour and a bit of love interest and Desmond McNamara is great as his streetwise cousin Tel. Urbanely handsome James Faulkner as Gordon Gregory also gets him cases.

Pamela Stephenson appeared in one episode.

She ultimately went on to marry Ball for a while but is better known now as the wife of comedian Billy Connolly.

Fantastic theme tune sung by Maggie Bell.

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