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Rent Man About the House Online DVD & Blu-ray Rental

Rent Man About the House (1973 - 1976)

3.7 of 5 from 47 ratings
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Man About the House is a British comedy series about three flatmates and their lives. The series follows Jo (Sally Thomsett) and Christy (Paula Wilcox) as they try to find a new flatmate to move into their three bedroom flat. When they are unimpressed by everyone they see they meet Robin (Richard O’Sullivan), a man they find asleep in their bath after a party. When they discover he can cook they seem smitten but must tell their landlord Robin is gay to get the flat. They must keep up the illusion despite the uncomfortable nature of the agreement.
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Peter Frazer-Jones
Brian Cooke, Johnnie Mortimer
Brian Cooke, Johnnie Mortimer
British TV, TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Sitcoms

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