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McCloud: Series 6 (1976)

Not released
A syndicate involved in the music industry has a major interest in a young singer. While they use pirating and bribery to sell more records, they lean on the singer's manager to get him to sign with their company...An arsonist torches Chris's building, killing her nephew and a security guard. When McCloud and Chris discover the building's owner was deep in the hole and probably committed the arson for money, they launch two simultaneous undercover investigations - one with McCloud as a builder looking for a torch, the other as the torch himself...
When McCloud and Clifford go to Sydney, Australia, to investigate a mob hit in New York, a panicked mole recognizes McCloud from a New Mexico murder case where he jumped bail, and puts out a contract on McCloud...
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TV Action & Adventure, TV Classics, TV Crimes, TV Dramas, TV Mysteries, TV Thrillers
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Not released

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