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The Adventures of Superman: Series 5 and 6 (1957)

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Superman gets caught up in a scheme to remove a large collection of diamonds originally stolen during the war. Before he can act he has to understand who the criminals are and who are innocently trying to recover their property...Crooks have constructed a small mobile "town." They use it as a speed trap to snare money from unsuspecting motorists and, for bigger game, as a way to hijack trucks carrying valuable merchandise. After two hijackings, Lois Lane comes upon the "town" and is captured. Now, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Inspector Bill Henderson are trying to track her down. After they, too, are incarcerated, Clark turns into Superman to shut down the criminal operation...
A nuclear scientist who defected to the U.S. was exposed to nuclear radiation and has only a short time to live has been living in the desert. But agents from his country try to get him to return. Superman stops them but knows there's another agent whom they only by a code number will try to get him. When Clark tells Jimmy and Lois about him they go to see him and because they came in contact with him, they're no exposed to the radiation. They decide to flee not knowing they're going into an area where a nuclear device is to be detonated...
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Voiced By:
Bill Kennedy
TV Action & Adventure, TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Crimes, TV Dramas, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date:
Not released

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