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Rent The Onedin Line: Series 6 (1978)

3.4 of 5 from 45 ratings
8h 12min
Fearing unrest in South Africa, Daniel asks James to bring home a large amount of gold from the country - unofficially. James naturally wants his cut. Tim, a young crew member, is subjected to a crossing the line ritual during which a man falls overboard and drowns. A cargo of wool on the ship catches fire, after which it is discovered that the gold has been stolen. Tim is responsible and speaks up to Onedin about inequality. In Liverpool Robert's son Samuel returns home whilst Elizabeth's son William declares his intention to be the richest man in the port in five...
Newly elected to Parliament Daniel joins with Elizabeth to prevent William from selling the Frazer Line to an apparent consortium, actually a front for Beaumont. To take his mind off his son's death, James sails to Africa with Captain Baines to find diamonds, but they end up adrift in an open boat for three months. Letty never doubts that he will come back and, on his return, he gives half of the Onedin Line to Samuel, who has married Charlotte just in time for the birth of her son...
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Cyril Abraham, Mervyn Haisman
British TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Dramas
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492 minutes
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