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Mary Poppins Returns

Delightful film

(Edit) 06/06/2019

As the title of this review suggests, this was an utterly delightful film. Haven't seen the original Mary Poppins film, but if it is as half as good as this one, then it will be excellent. Yes it's schmalzy, yes it's sentimental, and yes Dick van Dyke has a brief role towards the end (didn't recognize his face behind the big beard, but his voice just can't be disguised!), but it had me and the Missus totally hooked from beginning to end, and we are in our 70s!! Rent it and watch it with young kids, 30-something aged 'kids' or even 'kids' in their 70s, and you'll be whistling the song tunes for days to come. Great film!!

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