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Still Alice

Not as good as the book!

(Edit) 16/02/2016

The film is well done, but, of necessity, I guess, glosses over a large part of the book content. Her use of her intellect, and understanding of how the brain works, in covering up her symptoms hardly comes out in the film. The reactions of family and friends are not so well portrayed as in the book, nor are the different ways the symptoms play out so evident. But the film does tell the story of the devastation this disease causes - and I disagree with the earlier reviewer who states it is nor worse to have this illness at 50 or 80. Yes, of course it is a horrible disease, that steals the person away from their family and friends, and from themselves, but for this to happen in someone only midway through their life is a far greater tragedy, no matter who they are, than in someone in their 70s or 80s. A useful film - the book is better.

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