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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

(Edit) 13/01/2015

With Johnny Depp and a trailer which looked very promising, I was expecting a wild west twist on the Pirates of the C. But I was wrong. I have never found the combination of violence and comedy works too well for me. In this film I felt the person that rated it a 12 was either asleep, or perhaps had seen too much nasty stuff over the years. One scene in particular where a dying man is horrifically killed made me think this: Would I want a twelve year old daughter of mine to watch that? Definitely not.

That aside, although there was much to enjoy in the film, it was not up to the Pirates standard. The only time it came close to being a really great film, for me anyway, was in the last ten minutes or so - a rousing version of the original Lone Ranger tune, Johnny Depp at his best, and a superb chase involving two trains.

A few weeks ago I watched Johnny Depp in a film called the Nine Gates of Whatsit. I enjoyed it more that I expected to and will put it on the list to watch again in a few years. Last week I watched the Grand Budapest and will put it on the list to watch again, and again. But I cannot see me watching the Lone Ranger again.

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