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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Under the fun something lurks

(Edit) 05/08/2018

It's all great fun, with songs, dances, and bright-toothed smiles, even if the first half drags a bit with some of Abba's second-rate numbers sneaking in. Cher's terrific cameo at the finale saves it, and she appears like a goddess (check the credits for her wig maker and personal voice engineer, two great technicians).

As well as the sing/dance/have fun message, there seem to be some disturbing lessons. No.1 is -- judge people by first appearances, and if they are attractive, have sex with them as soon as possible. No.2 is -- don't do what you SHOULD do, don't even do what's BEST FOR YOU, instead, do what you FEEL. These are lessons focused on short-term satisfaction and long-term life disasters. Adults will naturally see the fantasy of this, but Mamma Mia is not a suitable film for children.

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