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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

A tawdry disappointment

(Edit) 22/07/2008

Having enjoyed Knocked Up and Superbad, I was expecting similar undemanding laughs from Walk Hard, which also comes from the massively prolific Judd Apatow stable. But where those films are affectionately, even *thoughtfully* stupid, Walk Hard is just plain stupid.

All the actors put in good performances (although John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox seems unaware that he's in a comedy), the music is very good indeed – someone spent a long time lovingly putting together parodies of almost every popular musical act from the 1950s onwards, and did an excellent job of it – but the whole is let down by the script, which sounds as though it was written by a pair of sniggering schoolboys behind the bike sheds. Jokes which should never have seen the light of day are left in, and I found myself wincing in anticipation of the next fart- or oral sex-based pun seconds before it happened.

Highly recommended for boys aged between fifteen and sixteen, music lovers who can close their ears to the awfulness of the rest of it, and almost nobody else.

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