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Bombon El Perro


(Edit) 01/03/2018

Main character - simpleton archetype who has strong faith - God is love, is written on his van. He's patient and kind and 'down on his luck's. His trade was a mechanic and this saves him by stopping to help a woman stranded with a broken down vehicle. He can't fix it as a part needs soldering. She pipes up that there is solder equipment where she's living and needing to get to. Man tows her car to her home 150 km away.

This initial act of kindness repays him well as he's given a champion stud dog which has potential to bring out man a lucrative income. The story goes along with the dog as the force majeure. An influential man sees the dog and gives our main man the contact. This contact is the archetype impulsive and extravert. He helps train the dog for shows. He introduces our man of faith to the kindest sweetest singer of Arabic songs who then becomes a good friend.

The dog fails to perform his duties as a stud while in the hands of his owner and the impulsive one. Our man is then conned to leave the dog with the impulsive one. When he goes back to fetch it, he's told that he's run away. Our man goes to find him and finds the dog performing coitus with a bitch. We then know that all's well for the man of faith as his future is safe with his champion stud.

A charming film with incidences of desperation and exaltation withlenty in between to keep you amused. A very nice experience.

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