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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Not as Bad as some Movie Critic Lemmings have made out

(Edit) 10/01/2020

Yes we know LXG was vastly different from the Graphic Novel of the same name

. . and it was a shame Universal Pictures weren't the choice used because they have most of the copy rights on the Characters Names. But please Notice some Similarities between LXG (2003) 'Avengers Assemble' (2012) The former Movie panned and later greatly praised by Critics and Some Lay People alike . . .'Hero' we go then . . . Experienced Hero from the past (Check) Leads Awesome Hero Team (Check) Younger Zealous person has Hero Woship of said Experienced Hero (Check) You have a Tricky Genius Bad Guy (Check) And a Leader of Task Force incharge of Awesomely Huge Vessel (Check) Timid Genius Doctor Changes into Giant Raging Monster in said Aswesomely Huge Vessel (BTW which in Fiction was the original /which was the carbon copy ???) in said Awesomely Huge Vessel (Check) Scheme to breed distrust, disunity in said Awesome Hero Team (Check) Female Herone in Black Leather style outfit going 'kick ass' on one Hero who switches to the 'dark Side' at one point in movie (Check) Said disunited / 'yet to be' Awesome Hero Team gets their Bottoms kicked then become United into a Mean Fighting Team (Check) Seen any Similarities yet ??? So why is a Movie 'Colabaration' of 'Characters' well defined in Fiction for over a Century (LXG 2003) judged as vastly inferior to the more modern Awesome Hero Team Movie (Avengers Assemble) of which when those Personalities were the Original Heroes & Villains of Popular Story Telling and there as been a 'slight' amount of Screen Writing Plagiarism. Please give 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' a second Chance and don't blindly follow any Steampunk Hating Lemmings who wouldn't know the roots Super Hero Fiction if they were dropped on them from a Multistory Carpark ????

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