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The Damned United

Damned Terrific

(Edit) 20/10/2009

I've always been dissapointed with football films, they usually follow the cliche of the unlikely giant killers honed to winning excellence by a saintly guru, after spending £3.60 and a dozen mars bars.

This however is a fictional account of a very short period (44 days) in the life of one of the most brilliant (and arrogant) men ever to grace English football, Brian Clough.

Martin Sheens performance as Clough is a real stand out, capturing both his arrogance and his humanity, although Colm Meaney (as Don Revie) almost steals the show.

You dont have to be a football fan to enjoy this, it's an outstanding insight into a complex man, told at times almost as a rugged love story for a game that dominates so many lives.

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