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The Queen

The Queen

(Edit) 11/05/2021

Very good performances all round. An interesting show from Helen Mirren on interpreting the person and the role of the monarch. How do you live out a position of state? You cannot really separate the person and the crown. To me it clearly demonstrates the conflict of interest between the private person and the public persona. The clear clash of personalities of Elizabeth the Queen and Diana the Princess of Wales. Two very different images of the royal institution. The desire for privacy and dignity and the compulsion and need to let the public in as head of state. If you want to be the monarch it has a price. The screen play draws attention to this conflict. The messages on the cards clearly have an impact on the character. Again what we see is very different from what the royals see in private. So an excellent story telling on this. The creepiness of the political play is worth watching closely. You are popular for now! But also the sombre monarchy of desperately wanting privacy but being forced into public demonstrations of grief. Just watch the twists and turns.

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