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The Lego Ninjago Movie

Everything is awesome... except in Ninjago

(Edit) 10/08/2020

I’m a geek. I normally love these movies. And this one tries so hard to be smart and zippy and slick... but it’s just a mess in script and plot and setting and tone and pretty much every other way. The animation itself is superb as always, so at least it’s fun to look at.

It just feels so disjointed. The Jackie Chan live-action segments make no sense. Which is a shame because I love Jackie Chan. It tries to do the usual Lego humour but most of it feels quite laboured and it wears thin very quickly.

You always go into these movies knowing they’re going to be a bit off the wall, but this really has no particular purpose or strength as a movie, you’re never really invested in the characters or their motivations, it just feels like set-piece after set-piece with some rather obvious and repetitive gags sprinkled on top. The father-son relationship that really should be the backbone of the movie is just plain frustrating throughout. 

However, my daughter loves it especially the L-loyd thing and the butt-dial scene. But us adults just have to sit this one out. Sad times. 

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