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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2

Liked 3d version and excellent conclusion to the series

(Edit) 26/07/2017

I think this is the perfect conclusion to the series. I have never read the books and am not a particular fan of Hunger games, but have watched the entire series of films. As a film, it ties up the themes from the previous films, is well put together and paced. I think the series was wise to move away from the Hunger games format of the first 2 films as what else could they have added to it. The last 2 films are more political war films than what went before, but part 2 does return partly to what the game makers can do and is more exciting, less draining than part 1.

My main reason to review was to comment on the 3d blu-ray- I surprisingly found I visually preferred the look of the 3d version of this film (I am not a particular fan of 3d, haven't watched many films in 3d, and it may be dependent on the quality of your TV's 3d).

I was disappointed that the version I watched had no extras/ commentaries included.

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