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The worst film I've seen in many years

(Edit) 18/05/2021

This really was dire. I persevered with it (nearly gave up several times!).

It did have some good acting (Tilda Swinton, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt, Ed Harris), and I usually like these sort of "cult" films, if that is the right genre for this. I think more B-movie would be my preferred description. Well, not even B, more a C or a D!

I just don't think the story was worthy of a film and the way it was realised by the director was vague and just generally lacking impact and good set-pieces. The scenes expected to be the good set-pieces seemed to be long and drawn out, either with too much directorial (artistic) flair, or a long and painful build up, so you just want to get it over with.

Strangely this film is rated highly by the critics. 

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