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See You Tomorrow, Everyone

He tries to cling to the ephemeral as everyone and everything he knows changes around him

(Edit) 21/06/2021

A very good meditation on the nature of life and the change inherent to it told through the eyes of a young man growing up and getting older within the self imposed confines of the projects where only he remains static.

When his reasons are revealed the story becomes more meaningful in this poignant and well constructed narrative. This should also be noted as another collaboration of director Yoshihiro Nakamura and lead actor Gaku Hamada, who previously worked together on 'The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in the Coin Locker' which is also worth checking out if you enjoyed this as he plays a similarly unassuming character and it also touches on similar themes including duties to one another and standing up for what's right, though I feel it lost some of its pace with its twist.

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