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The Legend of Halloween Jack

Don't bother...

(Edit) 16/03/2019

I love horror movies. And I always maintain that even bad horror movies are at least watchable, you can just sit back and enjoy all those cliches you've seen a million times before.

Well this one may be the exception that proves the rule. Silly American accents in a film shot, unfortunately, in my home town of Swansea. Utterly feeble, bloodless action scenes with all the impact of soggy paper striking a cushion. Laughable references to "Dunwich" and "Haddonfield". A running time padded out with tedious dialogue, clips from public-domain classic horror movies and snail's-pace opening and closing credits which list the entire crew no less than three times. 80 minutes has never seemed longer.

The best thing about it is the band at the Halloween party... and even they're not that good. One of the most boring films I've ever seen in my life.

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