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Real Ghosts UK

Even the ghosts would die of boredom

(Edit) 23/03/2021

Utterly awful. This is like a very (and I mean VERY) bad ghost hunters episode but with no humour at all nor anything actually happening. The so called 'medium' has his act down to a tea. Trust me anyone could have gone round the hotel used in disc one and said the exact same things from a script all it would have taken was a tiny bit of reserch about the hotel. He also appearwd a little put out duri g one section where the night porter was not playing along with what he was suggesting was going on. Viewers can't see anyrhing as apparently what was being seen does nkt show up infa red cameras. Sorry, but he was going on about heat coming from a metal cone and behind a sheet - that WOULD be visable under infa red.

Taken the next two discs off my list.

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